Emotions are the spice that is life…. ride them

Patrick Westöö
2 min readMay 18, 2022

What is life but the emotions that we have when we live it. Our ups and downs, fears and hopes. Yet I come from a culture where we rarely speak about emotions at all. The culture very much appreciated and expects modesty with your emotions. Nobody told me but the message has always been pretty clear, get your shit together.

Often I find myself with strong emotions and not knowing what to do with them. After each night of drinking my body is full of serotonin and I become a different person. Happiness is flowing and so is inspiration and courage to do new things. I used to be afraid of this feeling knowing the crash will come but today I have started to take a new approach to it. All different versions of yourself are still you. And they all add spice to life. So instead of suppressing them I am trying to ride them. Especially with work and with writing.

Bill Maher once said that he doesn’t make any big decisions that he hasn’t thought about drunk, high and sober. They all have to align.

So now I take an emotional approach to life. I both accept them and sometimes decide to follow them. They all give you guidance.

Negative feelings tell you something is off, listen to that. What is your stomach trying to tell you. It is wise beyond its years. As my high from the drinking goes down, I take the explicit decisions of not thinking of anything hard. Knowing that a lack of serotonin will make any problem seem unsurmountable. So I turn on the TV, go for a run or read a book and I wait until life seems easier.

I am sensitive to all drugs even Caffeine and on nights with lots of caffeine I am on fire. So I jump on the ride and work the shit out of it. Write, think or do what comes to mind. There will be other times to think critically about the work later. Now it is the time to just do.

Emotional parts of your life, when you face a difficult relationship they also draw out a new version of yourself. A feeling one. It is an excellent example to just take in the wealth of emotions that overwhelm you and just bathe in them. They show you new things, take you to new places. They help you connect with a deeper version of yourself. A more raw version. I use that time to write more emotional pieces, listen to music and to ponder what others go through when they feel like this. It breeds empathy.

So embrace your feelings, embrace what they teach you and life will be more fun.